Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bow Out

I write therefore I am/I've created a front, my life is a sham/Wouldn't it be great if that was who I am?/I'm sure that's what some would want/I speak my mind, my feelings cast aside/You're just mad cause I stand undaunted/I'm haunted by these illusions/A "reality" that keeps the mind locked down and secluded/The truth has eluded me/But then I found it diluted by you/ I see, that which you hid from me in the first place/Lying to me since my first birthday/I ask about god, and you say "it doesn't matter, just go to curch on Sunday"/Go to confession and pray to the deception and you should be good till you walk back out that doorway/So now here I am, confused and full of questions/Am I born to lose or is this just a lesson/Take a deep breathe, umm............/I'm guessin I'm messed up, noone seems to have answers/I throw my hands up, I'm tattered and torn/Worn from the limitation of the human form/Feelin like I shoulda been forwearned of this life unadorned/Are you bored? Good, cause so am I/Tired of wonderin why I needed your society to survive/I might have been better left to the wild/Harsh? Na, this is keepin it mild/What I've written is just the beginning, you have yet to see the middle and ending/So I'm sending a farewell for a minute/Don't forget live the moment, you're in it/I'm finished